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Saturday, September 03, 2005
more fantasy

in this dream i have a big house with one or two spare
bedrooms, plenty of money, and a minivan. i fill up a
couple ice chests with food and drink, and rory and
i hit the road.

on the way we make a sign that says, california?
anyone want to come to california?

in houston we go to where the buses are dropping off refugees,
and we pick up a family and bring them back here. we clothe
them feed them give them a place to lay their weary heads.

then we get on the internet and post to all the message boards
to let their loved ones know they're well and safe. we check for
the names of those they miss, and post their names as well.

we call the red cross and arrange for permanent or semi-permanent
housing. maybe they'll choose to go back home someday, maybe
they'll flourish in the land of the earthquake. but they are safe,
they are well, they have survived and now they can begin to live.

that's one fantasy. i find these daydreams alleviate my sense of
helplessness, which is so real. i am so helpless. so far away,
problems of my own, etc., etc., etc. i imagine my fantasies as
prayers [amen] that go out to the refugees as they suffer waiting far
too long, some dying as they wait until the administration gets
its ducks all in a row so they can reap as much political gain
from this tragedy as possible.

then i hope, and fervently, that they won't. that the people
will see their bullshit for what it is. undeniably the people in
LA MS and AL have suffered more than they should have already. and
just as thousands of people keep dying in Iraq for bush and his
henchmen, now we are sacrificing people right here at home.

from Salon.com:
When even the extraordinarily conservative Washington
Times is wondering what happened to "the president we saw
standing atop the ruin of the World Trade Center, rallying
a dazed country to action," you know that George W. Bush has
got trouble on his hands.

The president made his way back from vacation Wednesday,
and Friday he traveled along the Gulf Coast to check in
on hurricane damage and relief efforts. We said Friday
morning that he probably couldn't expect a hero's welcome.
What we didn't anticipate was just how tone-deaf he'd be in
making the rounds.

as katrina struck, bush vacationed
the reality was he was campaigning. people were drowning, homeless,
nothing left, and he was campaigning. everything the mofo does is a
campaign, except when he's on vacation, since of course, it's important for him to go on with his life.
kinda makes me wonder why he took the office of president
of the united states. the bastard. those bastards.

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