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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Democratic Underground
But I, for one, am not buying the stupidity-cum-amnesia theory.
These people are too smart. These are the folks who managed to
smear a decorated war hero while convincing American voters
that a bumbling draft-dodger was the obvious choice for
commander-in-chief. They're the folks that came up with
a never-ending list of reasons-du-jour for going into
Iraq. These are the professional Rapunzels who, given
a minute's notice, can spin even the filthiest straw into gold.

in other news, payday kinda hasn't happened yet. :(
cash flow ... eek. but when it does, and it will tomorrow
i am assured, the money will be given. however, it will not
go to the red cross. i'm looking into where it will go and will
post that information as well my reasons for the decision asap.
right now - 3:25 pm pst 9-8-05 - i gotta get to work and earn
that money i ain't getting just yet...

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