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Monday, August 15, 2005
Vigil in Support of Cindy Sheehan
i wandered over to the
democratic underground
at a fairly ungawdly hour, and got
hooked for hours reading the weekly outrages committed by the
Top Ten Conservative Idiots. i've had the link for some time
but it was the first time i ever really perused it.

i am so exhausted, and i need to work. but it's like
i can't just turn away today. this war needs to end,
these rotten men should be impeached if possible
and brought up on charges under any circumstances.

the emotional and ethical shortcomings that make
it possible for this most terrible of all presidents,
ever, to leave a grieving mother outside on his
doorstep while he fucks around doing nothing and
more and more people dying daily because of this
travesty, appear to me to typify true evil. if
not evil, then a serious mental illness...yet
what they are all getting away with! i mean my gawd.

scary times. i registered for the vigil in my
neighborhood; it will be the first time - almost,
i marched in protest of street violence not long
after bekeh's death - i've demonstrated in a
formal prearranged venue. it may make me feel
better, but what would be great is if enough
people showed up that the media could NOT ignore
it, and more and more people would begin to see
what's happening here...peace, and bring them home

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