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Friday, August 05, 2005
Underground Stream
sounds. thank you ili...
this is interesting to me because ili's are
almost all natural, whereas mine...should change,
i think.

1. tv. it's the background theme around here.
it's 3:49am and i was just woken up by the absence
of the tv. so i called the cable company and they
extended me til payday.

2. music. there was a bumper sticker
going around for awhile, "without music life
wouldn't be worth it." i agree.

3. traffic. i live about one block from
one of the busiest roads in the world.
one of my least favorite too...

ah, well. i can't make ten. too many commercials.
too early in the morning.

i no longer respond to survey questions pertaining
to "race." if i'm answering the survey the inquiring
agency knows what race i am, human. only humans,
to our knowledge, can read and write. i think
it is long past the hour that any questions
related to skin color should be shitcanned.
demographics schemographics. institutionalized
racism is a reality and the continuing insistence
on separating people by color perpetuates it.

they should be removed. or at least an option
added, "i am offended by the question. on harris poll online
an option to decline is offered. on
can respond with "other." which i do.

what do you think? while you're commenting, let me know
if you would like to respond to polls from either of the above
online surveying companies. if i refer you i get a reward. :)
3 gulls 8-4-05
3 seagulls perched on poles. this size doesn't show
the scene too well. i couldn't get any closer or they'd all fly
away, so i shot from inside the car. if you click on the picture
choose "all sizes" to get a better sense of the scene.

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