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Sunday, August 07, 2005

i am printing the appendix to my book. it's done, i finished it.
omigawd what now? would anyone like to dance with me?
i am alone here, with the printer making its noise,
swish swish, swish [it's a cheap little canon].
the book double spaced complete is 300 pages long.

300 pages - 4 years - countless tears - undescribable
pain and the joy to match it.

i finished my book. wow! wow! what now?

300 pages, even. not counting acknowledgments
and table of contents, prologue, epilogue,
forward, introduction...dedication, blurbs...hah!
i'm giddy with accomplishment and i am here
just to record the giddiness.

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i'm sitting here and the swishing has stopped.
all smiles. jumping up and down mentally.

i finished my book. for better or worse, it's done,
it's printed, it's going OUT asap!

fuck it, this book will fly or fall flat.
it will find an audience and the writing
will prove to be good, or it will not,
even if the writing is good and maybe
the writing is not so good? fuck these
fears, i have no time to entertain those
mofos. i finished my book.

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