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Sunday, July 10, 2005
walkin er dawg. justa walkin er dawg
shoes on line
the ambience of the neighborhood is distilled by the shoes hanging over the telephone line
mockingbird silhouette
the mockingbird that made me run for my camera in the first place.
one of these days i'll get a decent shot of a mockingbird.
ha - i used to think they called it that because it
mimicks the cries of other birds, now i know it's
because it makes itself scarce when all i want
is a decent picture of it. this silhouette was
the best i could do.
lost bird reward
i wonder if their bird ever came back home...
i wanted to get close and in focus the way deb does so well
infested rose
looks like the bugs been there before me...
if i had a yard, i'd make a garden like this, with a profusion of different flowers. i wish i had a yard.
this is LA, land of the new age gangster. wannabes sign up on the curb.
beauty persists and triumphs to spite the weed trying to choke it
and the sun sets on the freeway as my chihuahua and me head home. :)

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