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Friday, July 08, 2005
July 6, 2005
Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

I finally put my pen to the
parchment on your 25th birthday,
lying here over your bones as
I've done so many times before,
my bare feet open to the sun
having tromped through the grass
of this graveyard, visiting friends,
mothers of friends, friends of your
brothers, and the son of a friend.

Michele gave me this book to remind
me to POEM.

POEM, poet. Prophet, POEM.

As if the years of a life were
indeed an actual eternity
the paper is true, the pen is friend,
the poem is home.

And I, Bekah, a bereft mother
still alive upon this planet...or would
it be more accurate to say,
coming back to life upon this
planet, shockingly enough,
inhabiting the same skin, depending
upon the beat of the same heart,
working my will from the mess of
the same mind, embodying the
same spirit, as I did four
short and immeasurably long years
ago---? Did I lose my train of
thought, I must check more
frequently these days.

I testify to you Bekah amen -
You whip up something stiffer
than a breeze in this July heat -
I feel you. I need you - you never let
me down.

I hope to redeem your faith in me,
and achieve success before I'm done...
As always Bekah I have to say

I Love You
I always will.

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