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Saturday, July 23, 2005
The ICC Discussion forum #15154.21
The ICC Discussion forum #15154.21
15154.31 in reply to 15154.1
a poster asked why gawd allows terrorism. it set me off...
you might as well ask why gawd allows childhood leukemia,
deadly tornadoes, murder of any stripe, tooth decay, malaria,
cancer, racism, fascism, poverty, famine, flood, tsunami,
traffic accidents, war, hatred, leprosy, acne, the
heartbreak of psorias, heart attacks, air pollution,
global warming, child abuse, spousal abuse, sexual
abuse, elder abuse, prisoner abuse, abuse of power,
devastating hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, AIDS,
parkinsons, lou gehrigs disease, tuberous sclerosis,
polio, stroke, aneurism, persistent vegetative states,
profound retardation, birth defects, blindness,
deafness, ignorance, sunburn, unrequited love,
stillbirths, rape, armed robbery, carjacking,
harassment, slavery, i could keep typing for
days and never get to the end of the ills in this world.

why? we don't get to know that, not in this life. my
theory since the day my daughter was murdered by an
enraged drunken middle aged skank is that after we die,
we still don't know why, but the question no longer
hounds us. i can't apply the concept of predestination
to a world where people kill each other, and i don't
believe in a cognizant gawd. but if i did, i sure as
hell would not subscribe to the belief in a gawd that
encouraged, allowed, ordained, or was anything but
distraught over the lousy things people do to each other.


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