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Sunday, July 17, 2005
hangin on the couch
the WSOP has been going on,
and i've been watching the marathon while
recovering from a hectic work week and
preparing for the next hectic work week
[in other words, sapping in front of the tube].
i'm lucky cause i've got some enjoyable scenery
right here at home.
rory. playing what seems to be an
endless game of warcraft

luke. light eyes dark fur

chase. dark eyes blond fur
lola was making herself scarce, but she's still
around, and robert and simon {the girls,
our red-eared sliders}, were splashing around
in the bedroom like good little turtles.
so now it's morning. chase needs a walk,
i need a nap, rory needs to sleep a few
more hours. happy sunday y'all.

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