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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
big business soaks the poor

At the time the purchases were made your
account had sufficient funds
authorize the transactions, however when the
merchants presented the authorizations for
payment your account did not have sufficient
funds to cover the purchases. Because the merchant
was granted authorization to those funds at the
time of the purchase, we are required to pay the
amounts regardless of the balance in your account.

After reviewing your account, I have found that
the overdraft fees were correctly applied and we
are unable to reverse any fees unless a bank error has occurred.

mr. big bank went on to say that i have already
agreed to the terms and conditions and he is going
to send me another copy of said terms and conditions.
i wrote back, and i'm paraphrasing because i did not
copy what i wrote:

you have DISCRETION to reverse charges that are
unfair. don't bother sending me the crap in the mail.
i know it's legal. that doesn't make it right.

in their first response to my request for the reversal
of $99 in what i believe to be wrong and unfair overdraft
fees, my correspondent explained that when multiple
transactions are presented to the bank in any given day,
they begin with the LARGEST of those transactions when
they post them. Why not do them in the order in which
the actual transaction transpired? Why not, if not because
doing it this way gets them more money for nothing?!

i am so pissed. and helpless to do anything except of
course, this! anyone else out there ever feel like
dropping to the ground to thank heaven for blogs?

sigh. i feel better now. hehe

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