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Sunday, May 22, 2005
maybe it is not sensible and i should sleep on it. if you read it
let me know your thoughts i appreciate that a lot. the thing to me
is that, i wrote it. then i wrote another poem immediately thereafter,
one which may or may not find its way to the blog. when i first wrote
it i knew it would; now i am tired and wondering if it does warrant
being published, even if this one does...so yay! i wrote, and damn
i despise my twisted ego.

the Wonder: Epiphany

"I hear my being dance from ear to ear." - Theodore Roethke, TheWaking

2:17 am 5/22/05

Working on the book, again, and reading. Back to poverty we go
equipped with technology and a chihuahua, and the tears roll
placidly down my face on a regular basis.

Bekah - you are the primal scream. You are the lesson for always.
You are the caution and the glee, the worry and the fulfillment.

YOU are the angel the turtle the damnation the redemption.

You are the wise and the silenced, and the smile that guides by
its light, the hand i hold as i tentatively step out to the
dance...from ear to ear.

You - Bekah - have vanquished years, strained belief, inspired
that entire gamut, that rainbow, that two sided coin upon which
the spectrum of human feeling twirls twists mixes up wails wonders knows

and still... questions.

You - Bekah - You - light my way with the radiance no death
could touch -

You - the object of my desire you hold a finger to your lips
maybe giggle under your breath -
Your breath is a flood of light an eddy of butterflies

And they smile they look like you. They flit they have
endured metamorphosis and chosen to emerge as a moment's
wonder, and you, Bekah

You are that wonder; in my mind though,
You still look like a young woman,

One whose demeanor has just shed its girlhood,
presenting a woman

Who is a credit to her sex, a joy to her people,
a woman who will

Accomplish great things, learn the truth within the mysteries
large and encompassing, she will, you will,

Demonstrate ways to be, further the good, will

Always. Always you -

be Joy expansive profound beyond language as it serves
the human at this point in time. You are

the Joy that has been

as bereft as pained as suffering as __ .. __
a mother whose child has died.

With you because of you with apologies thanks and the
eternal debt to you

Your mother

Perseveres, brims, flows and overflows, spills and contains

that WHOLE range, dances barefoot upon a range inclusive
of all climes, ALL from subsistence grade heat barren blowing
sand to

the arctic ice caps even glaciers where barely a bird
touches down, and wherever I may be, from ear to ear I
am led by the radiance of my most cherished remaining desire
and that..

gorgeous smile she sports...
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