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Friday, May 06, 2005
Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Dear Mr. President Letters
this sounds like it has got to be good.

there is too much acquiescence. we should be marching in the streets or at least writing to our congressmen, or at the very least sticking bumper stickers decrying the multiple tragedies associated with the current US president. or at the very, very, least blogging to letters written to gw, and being pissed.

i have me tongue somewhere in the vicinity of my cheek. but in all seriousness he needs to be gone ASAP and hopefully it's not too late to restore democracy over here, formerly land of the brave, home of the free.

my favorite so far:

Dear Mr. President,

I think what you have done to the United States is despicable.

I live in New York. The way you treat the rest of the world has painted a target on our city. And yours. I am amazed, sometimes up to three times a day, at the stupid, stupid, stupid things you say and do.

After being amazed, I am often depressed, then scared.

Thanks a lot.

John Mark

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