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Monday, April 18, 2005
Mermaid Healing: Goodbye
kaveri wrote, I want to leave this all for a while....

i responded,
kaveri, i hope you don't shut down your blog! i imagine that as you keep on writing there will be times you will want to share - i'll want to read. some blogs are updated less frequently than daily...that's ok. lately, myself, i've only been reading. or painting i mean. anyhow not writing, which is almost scary, or would be, if i hadn't over the course of damn near 50 years experienced so many phases, fallow and fertile, flowing and blocked, growing or shrinking...but the writing always came back, eventually even writing i wanted to share with others. for everything there is a season and all that. i will miss your blog, your spirit and passion and goodness, too much, so well, leave the door open, okay? ok. you can self refer yourself right back into the public eye, and you're having a baby! your wisdom is so beyond the little ego hiccups. love

and forgot to add, the feeling addicted to the blog, especially to the comments, i think is quite common. it seems to me that i have read more than a couple of these good-bye notes and many of them expressed the same basic reason. it's like you start a blog so the rest of the world can learn your wisdom from your own pen [or enjoy your great wit, join your politics, convert to your religion, know you somehow], and then for a time it's like its own end, when you see the counter growing, when you say something important and other people stop, sign, let you know they hear you...it's heady, right? i mean i personally have never had a column in a newspaper, or a talk show; i am a writer for all of my life and the books remain unpublished thus far. i had never heard of blogging - when i was introduced to one blog back in april 2002, i dove right in knowing jackshit about what i was doing. i mean like the same night. lol

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VALIDATION. there is validation from the outside. risk a little, gain a lot of VALIDATION. there really are people out there who know what's going on for real, who care. there are minds that are open, approaching openly, sans agenda, there are poets who appreciate and share their gifts openly - this is the reason for the internet. i think. when i first got online i was on aol and the first thing i did just about was find the writing spots, including a chat room called "poets place," where the visitors did virtual readings of their poems which were then commented on by the others in the room. it was the most validating experience since college for me. all my life i've been scribbling, poetry rules me, and no one got it, i was just weird. when i got online i wasn't weird anymore. that was really a wonderful thing to learn, that i wasn't so weird after all.

i think i won't be saying good-bye; if anything [meaning if i don't keep on blogging til i die], , i'll just kinda fade away leaving only the pages behind. i've had some blog buddies who did that as well. the need to post something "important" worthy of feedback is not intense as it was when i began this blog, but i still like to share links that i hope others will check out, and still offer my opinion sometimes heartfelt. i still grieve and wish to make sure this world never forgets that there was a beautiful young woman named Bekah, who died unjustly and prematurely, and whose gifts still grace the planet.

and, oh, yeah, still crave comments...:)

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