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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS lyrics - Ooh Child
bekah comforted me with a song again today. here's what happened:

it was hell week at work, and that was just this one day.
i'm teetering on the edge of walking out so many times, and
i don't for essentially the same reason my dick of a boss
won't fire me: because of unemployment. i don't get it if
i quit and i do if he lets me go. i worked all day sucking
up tears i was so pissed. when i finally got off i had a
minute to myself in my room, and then i did cry, a little.

the thing is this bastard is not worth the stress he abuses
out of me. on the other hand i need a job and i like mine,
when he's not around. but he's around too fucking much and
he pays me next to nothing and it's not worth this anger
and putting up with his belittlement. which he prefers to
do with an audience, and i apparently am THE designated
shit eater of the office.

eh. anyway. MOFO. he will not goad me into quitting though
i may feel like it a lot; screw him. so i take out my anger
by snapping back at him and arriving later, later, later,
to work, what i figure is my passive aggressive response
to his undeserved punishment and unprecedented chintziness.

so. i had to get my blood pressure medication, rory and i
were hungry, i am about out of money and two more days
til payday. i got my pills and $10 worth of gas [which
didn't even bring it up to half a tank], and as i was
crossing rosecrans to go to carl's jr. for our dinner,
i thought, "it would be nice if bekah would play me a
song right about now."

i had $7 in my pocket and almost nothing left in the bank
so my plan was to split up the dinner bill between the cash
and the atm. the first sign that things were looking up was
that i was able to pay for all of it with my atm, which means
i can get cigarettes tomorrow and maybe even a snack...so
that was cool.

as soon as i got in the car i heard the DJ on my oldies
station asking a caller her name: Barbara. from Redondo
and her request? One of the songs i played at
bekah's 22nd birthday memorial, "Ooh Child."

ooh, child...
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I said, Thank you baby, and sang along loudly most of the way home. amen

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