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Sunday, January 23, 2005
how krista and bekah kept krista's promise to me
perhaps you didn't read the earlier post regarding my friend krista, who died last march after a long battle with ovarian cancer. briefly let me recap here that when the cancer was found in her liver, the two of us quit pretending that death was not an imminent certainty for krista. with that in mind i asked her to find a way to let me know when she hooked up with my girl, and she promised she would.

on the evening of krista's memorial service, i took a shower. as i was dressing in my room i had my mp3's playing, and these lyrics from an oldie by the young rascals struck me as especially appropriate for krista:

If there's a man who is down and needs a helping hand
All it takes is you to understand and to pull him through

She was one of the kindest, least judgmental, most understanding people i've known...rory and i attended her memorial, held in the evening, and as we entered the freeway on the way home the song came on the radio in the car. i told rory, wow, listen to the words ror, they fit krista, how she was.

The song segued into the next, "Sherry" by the 4 seasons. Krista's only daughter's name? you got it. By now i was feeling exhilarated and knowing krista was with us on that drive. "Sherry" ended, and the DJ announced the next song in the queue. I don't recall the title, just the artist...if you know Bekah or anything about her or our story you know it was the Turtles. Yep. the Turtles!

so that's how Krista and Bekah let me know they'd met up on the other side, and they're okay.

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