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Monday, December 20, 2004
dear bekah -written on my lunch today...

dear bekah, 07-25-01
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Dear Bekah - I'm leaning over the hood of the car with the sun heating my backside like a furnace. I am at work and feeling remarkably cheerful. i think because: In three days! WE BE GONE oh yeah....

We'll get to your grave in daylight today or tomorrow the latest babe. i want TIME there, to stroll, read headstones, admire the decorations, visit Jimmy
[suicide - 39] Reggie [murder - 19] Betty [72 - natural causes] Johnny [17 - suicide] Ollie & Leroy [one of bekeha's boy's grandparents, who raised him] the ducks and the turtles. Etcetera.

I read instead of painting becasue i found that i could print my blog after all and for whatever reason i found it refreshing, restful, comforting, a source of peace as it were.

Always the world turns and so much history and drama, high celebrations rank tragedies. I am where I am supposed to be, moving forward however slowly or haltingly it might seem to the blessed uninitiated.

And i won - flirted - bought two tickets to a concert in February!

I love you Bekah. I miss you so, so much...give us hints and share our travels, won't you precious girl?

Eternal love
hugs and kisses


the cemetery during the holidays
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