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Friday, September 12, 2003
Yahoo! News - HOW BUSH CHEAPENED 9/11
Yahoo! News - HOW BUSH CHEAPENED 9/11: As I walked home that night, the wind shifted, carrying the smell of 9/11--the familiar overheated electric odor of model trains mixed with burned flesh. It was a tiny hint of what Brooklyn got--the stench, dust and debris floated east for days. 'Everything is different now,' I remember thinking. 'Partisan politics are out the window. Bush is gonna have to rise to the occasion, like FDR did after Pearl Harbor, and we're all going to fight the bastards who did this.' I wondered how this would affect my work. Critiquing the government is my job. That would be tough in a nation united against a common enemy.

A few hundred miles south, the administration of George W. Bush was deciding how to react to the murder of more than 3,000 Americans. Bob Woodward's book 'Bush at War,' based on interviews with Bush and written with the cooperation of his top officials, explains how the White House saw 9/11 as an opportunity--not to pull us together, but to get its way on a long laundry list of partisan agenda items.

over three thousand dead - and all he can think about is what good is it to him.


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