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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
WorldNetDaily: Top Bush officials amend war claims
WorldNetDaily: Top Bush officials amend war claims
In the past week, three top Bush administration officials have backed off charges they made against Iraq, explaining they misspoke or overstated the facts.

they lied is what they did. their asses should be fired NOW.

tell mr. president no it is not okay to lie. it is wrong to lie. and now, young men and women, soldiers, and innocent civilians, are DEAD because of the war they justified with these lies. and now we occupy a country in the middle east that we invaded based on these lies.

does it end? can we make this right? does anybody think that gwbush gives a rat's ass or will deal appropriately with these liars? don't hold your breath; he's every bit the lying warmonger himself, most recently [to my knowledge] and brazenly lying about his pre-blackout stand on upgrading the grid.

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