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Sunday, September 14, 2003


i call it that because of what i see when i look at it...wondering if it means i am crazy. i see a foot about to be tickled by ... mmm. sharks? lol

i'm not even sure it's not on its side. eh. what ever. maybe that means it is art and not just a convenient way to pass time doing nothing, or hiding from the nothing that is really being done, or some such shit. didn't someone say "all art is trash"? or was that, "all writing is garbage"?

either way i don't believe it. i don't know that what i've been doing lately is art but i do believe that art is, and is for more than litter.

anyway. john ritter died at 54, the same age my mother was when she passed. too young. the williams sisters' sister was murdered in compton. at thought cafe they have a homepage where the latest postings are offered...i hopped over there and clicked on two. both turned out to be about vehicular mayhem and death. just one of those things.

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