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Saturday, September 06, 2003
more miracle
got this response today from my daughter-in-law regarding the picture of Micah and what i take to be a ghost:
ADDED THURSDAY 09-11-03 11:42 PM:
she had it all wrong! i talked to the neighbor today; she never saw her friend's little girl, she saw her friend's mother...and, the most remarkable thing was the hawk. the woman was amazed that [denise's neighbor] had never seen the hawk.

still waiting to talk to her and/or the mother tomorrow to delve deeper.

and the turtle was there. that is real still. but this - wow! - thing had me going so hard. here i was thinking 'i used to believe, but now i know,' and i do still believe.


Hi, I hope all is well. The picture, When it first started to open I thought I saw a woman's face, but I got the feeling it was a man. Once it was completely open and I saw the colors, I felt or thought it to be an older man. Who? I don't know. My grandfather was a fisherman, but its not him. What's your thoughts?

One more weird thing to tell you, my friend had a friend die about a year and one half ago who lived around the corner on Gates. She studied shamanism and had always said she was a Red-tailed Hawk and her six year old daughter was a desert tortise. Yesterday my friend saw the daughter who she had not seen in about a year. The little girl told her that her mom is the hawk that is always in my yard. [denise's friend] has only heard me talk about the hawk she has never seen it. the daughter also said that her mom made friends with a turle in our yard. Strange! The little girl told [denise's friend] not to worry about the turtle her mom didn't eat it, because the turtle was special and had to go do more work. When she told me this I had goose bumps on my whole body. It was great it made me feel so good. Let me know what you think. Talk to you soon.

I Love You!!

and bekah, i love you. forever and ever amen

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