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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
me at 18

and i've hardly changed at all in the past thirty years...HA HA HA whoo lol

i'm twice the woman i was back then. no. really. practically. too damn close anyway. lol

i see pictures, i know them like the pictures on the wall, ubiquitous they are inside my memory...but it's been awhile, and i forgot it, and now they cause feelings. the bittersweet, and memories, going way back. my first home of my own, i was 17 almost 18 years old. my 64 pontiac tempest with "three on the floor" because someone had moved the gear shift from the column, and Levis. i still wear levis, that's the truth, just not that size anymore. as i recall when i lost weight and was looking good after my oldest son's birth, i still could not fit in those levis. i think i finally sold them in the mid to late '90's.

i think i am an optimist.

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