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Saturday, September 13, 2003
Massive Head-wound Cory
Massive Head-wound Cory: The good news is I think the lumps are shrinking, the one on my head and behind my ear are mostly gone, all the remains is the one in the neck which seems to be smaller. I still don't feel worried and I'm confident the worst is over.

Melanoma is one of the worst, most persistent cancers, a lot of people ( including myself initially) thought hey it's just skin cancer, how bad can it be?

I said i would blog cory whenever he posted and it's rarely. in today's post he admits it is because there has been bad news. however, a possible reversal of that seems to be going on.

i know i could not go through what cory is enduring without bitching moaning whining crying. cory is incredibly brave and stoic...send healing energy his way blog world, please, or if it suits you, include cory in your prayers.

i want to blog the recovery post for cory. :)

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