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Tuesday, September 09, 2003
days gone by
my car broke down on the way home from kern river last week. vapor lock. then the bucking and missing it caused made something else go weak or loose or tight, so the car has been at the mechanic's shop since yesterday...my yacc's yacked. then my phone lost its dial tone. this afternoon i walked in the kitchen to find that my upstairs neighbor, who also happens to be the building manager, was doing her dishes and the water was being deposited directly onto my kitchen floor. the first person at the phone company apparently filed the repair order in the garbage without sharing it with anybody. that cost a day. then they came out and determined that the problem was inside and not their responsibility but did not call me to advise; another day gone and i'm jonesing for my internet! badly...then i have rory plug in my notebook but he uses the wrong plug and gets some little fireworks and throws the breaker offline and himself, the phone man, the plumbers and me into the dark. well okay just the phone guy and us.
so i GUESS the comments are working? but i'm the only person around astounded, awed, inspired, and grateful for the additional validation of turtle as miracle? i am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to speak with denise's next-door neighbor and hopefully the little girl's grandmother. She lost her daughter and should know what is going on...

anyhow i may post more later, got a million things to do and write and post and all...and the phone man just barely left. jus't kinda glad to be back and will be even more so if and when i see someone say something to me? :)

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