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Friday, August 01, 2003
Poetry Super Highway Contests
Poetry Super Highway Contests

now i'm torn between wanting to join the contest or submitting to be poet of the month again...it's been four years since i was, amazing how time slips away....

hear the music? taos. these days i am such, such a lagger, and in true character i lolled around on the morning of july 13. i had not looked at my airline ticket since the day i bought it back in may, i think, but was pretty sure i was scheduled to leave in the morning.

with that in mind at about 5 am i finally pulled it out...OHGAWD!!!!!

my plane was leaving at 6:45 am. i was not even packed.
shifting directly into panic mode i made it to the airport by 6:37; the folks at the ticket counter laughed at me when i expressed my desire to be put on my original flight. not a chance, they said.

more later. it's my last night of freedom and i feel compelled to spend at least part of it away from these walls.

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