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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Kern River Golden Trout Resort
Kern River Golden Trout Resort
our labor day plans...i cannot believe that nowhere on this entire website is the address of the place made available. they have maps - but the maps don't tell me how to get there from here. that's dumb - i think i'll complain. on top of that, there is NO SMOKING in any of the rooms!


hey, i'll deal. this one's for rory.

i need to get to the cemetery. there's a poem i want to write. it's about crying. about not running away from the crying, not trying to stop the crying. i cry as much as i have to, no more, no less. so you know, i cry a lot. :)

the title of the poem is either "sometimes i'll cry" or "let me" - but the poem? is being very much brat today and for several days in fact. i can't catch it godammit! it's clever too because i have such a clear idea of what it should say but the how of what it should say? is in it, and hiding like a very much brat.

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