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Thursday, August 21, 2003
rewrite from a week or so ago? comments more than welcome :)


My dream came a poem
Like the poem
I was saying to him:

Colorful lines,
Verses, on a page.

When he got up
To break his sweat,
A line fell off of the balcony...

When he got up
To brush his teeth,
A whole verse disappeared in the hall.

I slept the poem peacefully
Only as long as that warm man
Lay beside me.

Finally lost it completely
When Jimmy, dressed, said,
"Gotta get to work."

The poem passed away audibly
As I struggled to consciousness,
Getting out of bed

Before achieving it.
Now Jimmy knows
I'm crazy:

I poem in my sleep
And babble dreams
At daybreak

I wonder if
Jimmy will ever
tell me what I said

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