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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
notes from a sailor.

so, i started broadcasting. today concluded day two of the course that will either lead to a triumphant enlistment as a navy journalist or four and a half years of mindless torture as an undesignated seaman. its been boring as hell so far, as it always is when i start a new part of training. anything new always requires hours of briefing done in powerpoint. i hate powerpoint. i swear, it could be a form of torture. if someone has information they are unwilling to share, just give them a powerpoint lecture about why they should give up the information. and whenever they fall asleep, make them stand up in the back of the class. if you can make it last more than two hours i guarantee itll work.

i seem to have the remarkable ability to sleep with my eyes wide open and the amazing skill of keeping my eyes locked on my instructor during deep
dreams. others are not so fortunate and get to stand in the back all day.

my class is funny. all the navy people who were in writing except one are in there with me. the one couldnt class up because the class was full. all the
old army and air force people and most of the marines are gone. four marines remain and there is a slew of army people fresh out of boot camp. they all got out friday and man, i have never in my life, not even during my four months on this army post, heard so many people say "hua" so often. it doesnt help that i have a navy instructor who has decided that he enjoys saying hua as well. some of us navy students have taken to saying "Aaaargh!" whenever they say hua. ive seen it done before, and usually the army adapts and starts acting like pirates. all the soldier students here envy the navy, mostly because the army isnt allowed to smoke during advanced training.

so, thats all the rucus thats been going on at the defense information school here today. ill be home in one week and two days. see you then
love Andy

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