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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
The Dick List: BILL G****** (Brooklyn, New York)
The Dick List: BILL G****** (Brooklyn, New York): Bill is an asswipe disguised as a sweet, unpretentious quirky sorta guy who just wants to hang out & have fun with ya. Truth is, Bill is a compulsive liar. He lies to the world about his best friend, a female, with whom has he has a love child he actually thinks nobody knows about. He also lies about his former business partner, a female, with whom he had a 3-year sexual affair right under her husband's nose. He lies about having no use for a nuisance friend who's resurfaced—an ex-girlfriend—meanwhile he's telephoning her twice a day & taking her out behind your back, telling her she's much more fun to be with than you are. He lies about being poverty-stricken when in fact he's loaded, but doesn't want the mother of his love child to find out and bang him for support payments. He denies his true sexuality: he is bisexual but won't confess even though you catch him red-handed! And finally, he does all this to you while professing his undying love, telling you that you're the best lover he's had ever had in his life and that you're the only one he ever wanted to marry! WHAT A DICK.

okay. i've read enough now...

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