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Saturday, July 12, 2003
Robber gets 27 years for spree
Robber gets 27 years for spree
Dajuan McMeans, 23, who committed the crimes with two partners, learned his fate from Long Beach Superior Court Judge Mark Kim during his sentencing hearing Wednesday, Deputy District Attorney Nicholas Rini said.

a familiar name in the news today...nicholas rini. mr. rini puts 23-year-olds away for a quarter century or more, even though nobody died.

don't misunderstand me; this guy is a bad guy, and from reading the story i think the sentence is not excessive. it seems it was just a matter of time before one or more of their victims would have been killed if they had not been stopped.

but the point to me is why did nicholas rini roll over for a murderer?!

i do need to follow through. no path of least resistance. no complacency, denial. my daughter was not and is not chopped liver and she should still be alive. the person who killed her has not been held to answer for her crime, not enough, not yet.

i wrote earlier that when i went to the cemetery on 06-19-03, crabgrass had taken hold all around bekah's headstone...

what i didn't add is that as i worked to get rid of the crabgrass, which as you may know is very tenacious, i began to wonder what it meant. maybe i am crazy. but my counselor tells me i am anything but believe it or not. he says he's going to start bringing up "exiting" soon - i mean, i may GRADUATE from counseling in the next few months! whoa.

crabgrass? yeah...i began to think, "she's still pissed." began to wonder if the crabgrass obnoxious and difficult as it is, was not another way for bekah to communicate her dissatisfaction with events here on earth as they pertain to the night she was murdered.

so. i would not be hounded this way if i was doing what still can be done. that, i believe, MUST be done. and soon.


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