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Saturday, July 05, 2003
Man held in local coach
Man held in local coach

i just get so confused...this 23-year-old man got drunk and ran a red light, killing another. . .a high school coach. he's being charged with murder and held on one million dollars bail.

i don't know how i feel about this. it was not a hit and run, or hit, pick up, drag down street, drop, and run. it was a crash in an intersection between two cars, one of which was driven by a drunk. a 23-year-old drunk.

this is like the profile of the person i expected would be stewing in jail when i first learned bekah was dead. instead, bekah's killer was a 53-year-old drunk woman, who had driven out of her lane to kill my daughter.

for some reason i can understand how the young [read: reckless, invulnerable, stupid] man could have made a tragic mistake resulting in the death of another...and i don't know the details admittedly. he may have prior DUI's, probably does...that is what turns the manslaughter into a murder, i think, usually.

but young is dumb. 53 is supposed to know better. then there is the issue of leaving the scene. this article does not say that this defendant did that. i don't know. somehow i keep thinking that this murder charge, million dollar bail, has more to do with the non-white status of the defendant [again i don't know this am only projecting based on his name] than with the crime, and very likely more to do with the defendant's ability to hire a lawyer as well.

bekah's murderer got her bail cut to a half million and was able to bail out of jail. we were told by the DA that rambo would be "vertically" prosecuted, the case being given a "high profile." a few months later the DA sat silent while rambo pleaded "no contest" to felony vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence while intoxicated and felony hit and run. before she pled her attorney read for the record her denial of any blame or fault in bekah's death. after she pled her attorney went into the hallway and trashed bekah for the local newspaper.

these insults are like stab wounds, ouch, ouch, ouch.

Bekah's face splashed on the channel 9 news.

instead of life for murder rambo got four years. they could not give her less time than that. i hate to say that if they could they would have, but it sure does seem like it.

bekah's 23rd birthday is tomorrow. this story is in the paper today, and i just had to read the paper today.

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