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Friday, July 25, 2003
the fugue of our correspondence
written in 1996

The Fugue of Our Correspondence

Force, feeling, fear: all self-perpetuating;
The odyssey of our lives will bear it out.
Energy breeds more energy; making
Love makes love, pain makes pain, doubt makes doubt.

Between us two - we alone, me and you -
Perpetuate our best and send it to and fro.
We are partners in pain learning to let it go -
We are lovers again yearning to make it grow.

Of all the begats in the bible,
Only twins hold meaning for me:
Hate begat hate, Jealousy, jealousy,
Love begat love, your love begat me.

Energy in tandem travels twice as far.
Enclosed, our souls compose a fugue spectacular.
Through distance and time our music becomes color,
Rainbows become rhyme; You, me: We...entwine.

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