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Monday, July 21, 2003
a found poem? from 05-30-00
i found this in my diary while flipping through this morning...it's from may 2000 and i'm playing around with it thinking i like it. but if you read it i would really like knowing what if anything you think about it...:)


My dream came a poem
Like the one
I told him about:

Full of lines,
Colorful lines
On a page

When his warmth
Was removed,
Part of the poem

Went with him
Once a line,
Once a full verse.

I slept the poem peacefully
Only as long as that warm man
Lay beside me...

Finally lost it completely
When he did not return
For too long.

The words slipped away
As I struggled to consciousness -
Getting out of bed

Before achieving it.
Now Jimmy knows
I'm crazy -

I poem in my sleep
And babble dreams
At daybreak

I wonder will
Jimmy tell
Me what I said?

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