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Monday, July 07, 2003
Bekah's 23rd birthday
posted yesterday on my animal spirit lessons at delphi:
something really special happened today, bekah's 23rd birthday...for you to appreciate this you should know that bekah and her best friend had a thing, where bekah was the "turtle" and her friend was the "butterfly." bekah the turtle collected turtles; we buried one of her turtles with her and since she was murdered i have been collecting turtles as a way to work through my grief, and keep her close...a few months after she died i got a tattoo on my wrist, a turtle above the name "bekah." my oldest son also had his right forearm tattooed with a turtle with angel wings, above it captioned "Rebekah" and below, "an angel in heaven."

sorry to drone on, but it is so you know how special it was that this morning, the morning of bekah's 23rd birthday [the second birthday she has not been alive to celebrate], my daughter-in-law and grandson went into their backyard to find a turtle. a living foot by foot turtle in their backyard.

we live in the los angeles area and i have not seen a turtle except in parks since i was a child. in this case, it turns out that the turtle belongs to a house that is adjacent my son's...but they have lived there for well over a year and it was only today, bekah's birthday, that the turtle showed up in their yard.

just had to tell you that.

after hours at the cemetery yesterday i drove to john's to take pictures of bekah's 23rd birthday miracle and was crestfallen when it came apparent that the turtle was gone and did have a home nearby. my disappointment was perhaps premature, as at 7:30 this morning rings the phone...denise, breathless, "i'm sorry to call so early but i didn't want you to miss it." she'd prayed for bekah to bring it back.

so rory and i hopped in the car and straight to the backyard where this stately reptile [i'm sure it is probably a tortoise though what kind exactly i have not figured out] walked right up to me, let me touch the top of its head and its legs, barely flinching.

thank you bekah. thank you thank you bekah. amen

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