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Sunday, July 27, 2003
affordable justice
affordable justice

he blogged sonnets for like three nights in a row? had to give him some
kinda recognition for that...i've written three sonnets in almost 48
years [august 26 - i will be 48 on august 26, in case you want to
check out my wish list in time to remember it...lol].

three sonnets and two villanelles. and both villanelles were written
on the same day back to back.

go figger. i'm half tempted to try the exercise too. but i have something
else in mind, brewing...about taos, my trip, the writers conference. but
first gotta play...cause i handed rory to my brother at
7 or so this morning for a vacation at bass lake, and as i went up the
stairs back to my apartment i sang, "I'm free...i'm free..."

six days. got things i need to do, but not a whole hell of a lot.
listing for one. i need to list what i gotta do:

1. car - new clutch something wrong, won't stay in 2nd and 4th gears
2. court! arghhh - two fucking warrants now. hate inglewood and their
shit and el segundo pigs. yes i said pigs
3. before court must go to insurance co to get proof that first ticket
came ONE DAY after expiration.
4. before court must write down and practice saying my "mercy of the
court speech." i know it's logical i know it's fair i don't know if
it will make a difference...but if i just walk in cold it will
never get said.
5.call phone company regarding apparently bogus charges on these billss
6. post office box and CALL her. my benefactor
7. call and arrange to spend time with cousin
8. clean house
9. get one manuscript all the way together...submit somewhere!

enough, i got to go be free for now...happy sunday

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