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Friday, July 04, 2003
ok, this post comes again...after oh i cannot tell you all the frustration. for starters after i made the cd with the music and all for my new mp3 player, i popped it in and got the message, "medium not finalized." ok, i said to myself, i'll finalize the media...found the command with a right click and told it to go ahead and finalize the media. a progress meter appears on my screen and stalls at about 90% complete.

i try twice...shit, okay. by this time i'm late for grief counseling and still don't have the cd. but it will have to wait and i go, and while my friend [i drive us both to grief counseling every wed.] is having her session i cry with frustration, write to bekah. and there's a point i must make with a painting! or anyhow, i want to make it with a painting, because it's actually kind of an audible thing but. anyway. i get home and my computer has taken a dump. why? i am not sure, but i think it's because just the day before that i was telling rory how when i first started learning computers [specifically windows; i learned in 3.1], they crashed all the time, and putting in hardware was scary and so on, and now it's cool, "because now it works," and i think i even laughed with delight.

hohoho. so my theory is it crashed because i dared to have confidence it wouldn't! so. more frustration. it won't restore properly and i decide to try setting windows up again because that has worked in the past...thinking wow it's really good that i got my win98 cd back from denise...lalala. Eight percent of the way through setup decides it can no longer read the cd. omigod.

me, trying to fix the damn computer ... :)

using the restore cd and scanreg i get windows back with some major problems...in the meantime i've painted the picture and happily am able to scan it. but upload it to the web? no, no, windows cannot install the modem. why? who knows...who knows. oh, well. it will do me no good to put the graphic on a floppy since my new computer does not have a floppy drive, and the cd r/w drive that may or may not be implicated in this whole mess is not being acknowledged by windows either. oh, well, anyway i have to move stuff around today because i am getting my brother's old sectional, complete with three recliners and built-in tables, so i move the scanner into the bedroom. i haven't installed PSP or photoshop here but i can just scan it so i can put it on my blog. it's like i will not share this without that picture.

did it! scanned the picture, went online, tried to upload...it was so slow i went back to discover the picture was too big, log off. go into paint and figure out how to make this smaller, not just in inches, not just in pixels, but in bytes...ok. did it. came back online, uploaded the picture, copied the code, copied the letter i wrote to bekah on wednesday complete with illustration, clicked "post & publish" and AOL decided they needed to update their database.

all was lost. jeezus. so you get this terrible terrible rant and the illustration which won't mean shit probably out of context.

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