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Thursday, June 19, 2003
sick 'n proud
eh. been sick, half dead, strange dreams, what does it mean? thinking, i'll never be well again. that sucks. i've never been the best of patients, probably because i am so short on patience! and then there's my imagination.

it's my sinuses, they are damn near as chronic as my back but i am oh so loathe to see a doctor about it. because all my life, whenever i had a complaint that recurred or didn't go away in a day or two, there was always [no exceptions that i can recall] a man standing there with a knife saying, "let me make it all better..."

so. resolution: get thee to the acupuncturist! i bet they can help with these damn sinuses too.

so what has more or less kicked me out of it: my son. my after-today-no-longer-a-5th-grader son, rory. apparently kids don't graduate from elementary to middle school: they be promoted! :) Rory was promoted today and his mother learned via the promotional ceremonies that he not only made the prinicipal's honor roll, he made the president's honor roll.

yeah, that president. the one i don't hardly claim and cain't really stand! it's ironic, isn't it? my child makes the president's honor roll and the president is a bush - go figure. in the meantime, the following is what i want printed on my headstone [i wrote it about 6 years ago]:

Irony and Epiphany
Together build the frame
That holds the canvas of my soul,
Which love and wonder claim.

giggle. and YEAH!!!!!!! RORY! ! !

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