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Tuesday, June 03, 2003
Police seek break in hit-run case

In this story a survivor of a hit and run driver expresses his bafflement and rage after being left for dead on the 405.

i still say that "hit and run" is inadequate when the "object" that is "hit" is human. Language is powerful stuff. When the same expression that describes a driver knocking over a stop sign and driving away is employed to tell the story of a human being left dead or dying in the middle of the road the end effect is that the human is reduced to a thing. Maybe that explains in part why my daughter's murderer got off with what amounts to a slap on the wrist compared to Bekah's loss of her entire life after 21 years and 13 days. Not to mention Bekah's family's and friends' loss. Her unborn children who will never be. This world is a darker place without her. "Hit and run" just does not express.

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