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Saturday, June 21, 2003
The ICC Discussion forum #7079.176
The ICC Discussion forum #7079.176

Rah rah rah! Sis boom bah! Cheers.
Let's hear it for the never-beens who have very likely learned more about this "church" than probably any current member knows. And really this post should be directed toward TOMREITMANN:
Because you would not be a member! If you knew what I know, and you DEFINITELY would know that kip McKean is dangerous to your spiritual well-being. Has always been and will not have it any other way.
Barney this is not for you but for the member who approaches the discussion with the narrowest of all possible mindsets: "where do you go to church?" and attempts to invalidate your efforts and essentially, presence in context with his "church" by saying you have never been a member.
I don't think the Nazis fell because the Nazis decided they'd better. I think it took people who were not associated with Hitler and his henchman to bring that evil down. And before you protest that the comparison is invalid because kip cannot begin to approach the evil of Hitler, just stop and reflect on how quickly you would dismiss another adult intelligent caring human being because that person is not ICC or at least "christian." not very christian, that kind of elitism, is it?
Guess what? I have never so much as attended a bible study conducted by the ICOC. I don't go to church, and won't. I don't believe in a cognizant god, or that the bible is anything other than a book, written by humans. Inspired humans, no doubt, but see, I am a poet. I am often inspired. I don't even know how it happened that I am infused with the muse and the ferment to write poems. I may think that it only happened because the gods and/or goddesses of poetry chose to manifest through my pen, but that is beside the point. The point being I wrote a poem, I think it is good and maybe even important, I would like for you to read it. This is human interaction, sharing, caring. I would no sooner attempt to strip you of your spiritual beliefs than I would stop writing poems. And I can't do that; I know, because I tried.
My beliefs do not match yours but deserve as much respect as yours do. For the record I have subsisted in hell for almost two years; nothing anyone ever says writes preaches exhorts references will ever convince me that there is a worse place than earth without my daughter. I do not subscribe to the myth of jesus, though I do believe that jesus preached a way for humans to treat each other that constitutes an ideal for which I strive. This is not the d- tree, no. It is the golden rule.
What I wonder is, having stated my beliefs, do I now shrivel, melt, screech, and disappear? I am still a good person; this is who I am. If I did not care deeply for persons who are to this day being victimized by the destructive cult run by kip McKean and his cohorts, I would not be here. I would not even know the ICC existed. Ironically enough I had already tried and dismissed organized religion, as an answer for me, years before one of my best friends fell into the ICC.
I respect your right to hold the beliefs that you do. I deserve the same respect. As revolutionary as this may sound, I am an intelligent, thinking person, and have arrived at my beliefs honestly and with not a little bit of work, or suffering. I think it was jesus himself who said "blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see god." all the legalism, rebuking, blah blah blah, leaders, disciples, specials, blah blah, are NOTHING if jesus was correct. And what living person has the authority to naysay jesus? Kip McKean? He can kiss my ass.

note to blog readers who may be going What? - it's a destructive cult attempting to crash and burn and being kept alive by artificial means. the same means that made it be. the above is a post to the ICC Delphi Forum.

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