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barbtries a blog
Saturday, May 10, 2003
hpphoto.com: home

this morning i checked my email to discover that my box was full and why? because i received some pictures of a friend's children that were too big for the limited amount of space i still have in my box [i save a lot of mail].

a link woulda been better. there are a number of places online that will let you make a photo album from your own pictures for no money. hp home is one of them. to see MY photo albums, go to the site, ask to view "barbtries"'s pictures, and when prompted for a password type in "barbsaid." voila

anyone who can email pictures can do this instead. if you don't like hp photo home, try yahoo, or aol, or webshots...at webshots you can see the paintings i've uploaded. hp is good because they give you an option to use your pics for auction pages; i use mine for my blog.

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