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Monday, May 26, 2003
Critiques for Chapter Explanation

One loves such validation! and i've been needing it; i read the book review yesterday and today picked up a resource book for writers hoping to publish. the odds against it are approximately astronomical based on what i've seen so far.

so i was discouraged...then i was flipping through my book this evening and [hallelujah] was inspired ... hopefully it has been good work i've done here today. it's getting close to completion.

so i added a chapter and i need a quotation for it; something about faith. i checked my email first of all and here's this wonderful compliment from a fellow poet...i'll go read some of his work now. that's how we encourage and validate each other. but mostly that's how we get them to read and appreciate our poems. lol

here is the poem that this reader described as "perfect" but for one word:

Chapter Explanation

the early raw
skins of feeling/primal
the skins of youth
pelted by truth
uncowed, wild, vital

the young dare to care
freely, feral
first acquaintance with pain
first appearance of fear
first awareness of peril

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