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Friday, May 30, 2003
...cause you've been to the hollow...
- Laura Nyro, Lonely Women

what do i know

perhaps I'll never manage
better than bittersweet
maybe no matter what I say
my heart will stalk you like a criminal

what do I know?
So little, so much. I know the hollow
Sweet daughter, I know the hollow

Maybe I'll wake up one morning
Next to a man, crazy about him,
Maybe two hours or even two minutes will pass
Before I recall my bereavement

maybe when I do, I'll smile still,
Think to myself, think to you, what do you think?
Did your mom do good?

What do I know
So much, so little, spaces
Beyond space, places that are not.
Sweet daughter, I know the hollow

Maybe ten years down the road
I'll pop the cork off a bottle of honey wine,
Share it with your grave on the 6th of July,

Just me and your grave,
And your wise soul waiting for wisdom
To place me beside you
What do I know?

So little it's nothing. So much it is all.
Baby girl I know the hollow, and thanks to you,
I learn the full


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