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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
TOMPAINE.com - Not The Full Story In the course of a rosy portrayal of the progress of the war -- which Iraqi resistance in the next 48 hours showed was premature -- Gen. Franks inadvertently had a moment of honesty. Asked whether he'd been surprised by anything in the war, Franks said he hadn't -- because the war had been planned for "at least a year."

was it yesterday or the day before i said i wasn't watching, reading? oh, i am full of shit. but not nearly as much as the executive branch of the united states government.

but yeah i have been reading. primarily blogs and other alternate/unfriendly to bush sites. this story just made it that much clearer to me that mainstream media is just pap for the masses. absolutely not trustworthy. though i admit i'm glad that there are folks out there paying attention and reporting for folks like myself...because it appears that this administration just CANNOT stop themselves from revealing their true colors, their true agendas, and their true priorities.

as this article, written by Doug Ireland and which i reached via Doug's Dynamic Drivel, also points out: Dubya and Saddam have one thing in common: They're both willing to fight to the last drop of someone else's blood.

woe to us. pray for our soldiers, all soldiers, sailors, innocent civilians, grieving parents and soon-to-be grieving parents and loved ones. war sucks so, so hard.

here's a picture of my daughter, Bekah Zask, who was murdered on 07-19-01, thirteen days after her 21st birthday:

we need beauty more than ever i suppose, as we do not have peace.


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