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Friday, March 28, 2003
Reward offered in death of San Pedro boy

know anyone in the san pedro area who drives a green or
teal ford ranger pickup? with recent damage to the hood?
the truck being sought killed an 8-year-old boy on the
same street that bekah was murdered on. in this case,
it is unknown why the driver sped away after killing
the child; apparently evidence suggests that Andrew
Silva, the victim, attempted to cross the street before
it was safe.

just as with bekah's hit and run, not only am i unable
to fathom why, but i wonder HOW? i just don't believe
i could ever be that cold and contemptuous toward the
life of a human being. hell, i'd stop for a cat or a dog!

well i really hope they catch this skank ASAP, and throw
the book at him. Perhaps Andrew was to blame for going
into the street, but this driver's decision to flee
the scene should be sufficient for serious prison
time in my opinion.

sometimes i wonder why i prevail on people to remember
how precious life is and how easy and painless it really
is to treat others well. is there any hope that this
vanity blog of mine could actually lead to a slightly
raised consciousness for even one reader? and when
they leave my blog will they turn on the TV to study
how the president is sending HIS message, which is not
humanitarian or polite; in other words is it worth it?

i decided it was.

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