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Monday, March 17, 2003
The Research Kitchen of the Virtual Man
protest a la woodstock, vietnam, it does start to feel familiar. i think of laura nyro singing "in my mind i can't study war, no more...save the children..."

save the country, save the country, now......

but the moronic president as i understand it has gone on record saying that in 48 hours we will have war. not for any good reason. not to end terrorism; this war, i am afraid, will have the opposite effect, but just to do it. as tom said, because he can. actually tom said "because we can," but american as i am, i mean to distance myself from the rhetoric and the warmongering of that president. truthfully i don't think he's "my" president. he isn't even an elected president. he's just a warmongering asshole with way too much power. and not a thought in his messed up head about what war really means:

death and destruction.


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