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Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Justice for Murdered Children

LaWanda Hawkins founded this organization after her son Reginald was murdered at age 19. She has a half-hour radio program every Monday and a cable access TV show on Wednesdays. The guest this evening: me.
The title of this evening's program: "Why Bekah?"

I tried finding a link to the show with no luck. If you are in Los Angeles and have cable, do some surfing around 6:30 pm...I'm the blonde wearing brown and talking about her daughter...:)

p.s. wish me luck...i have never been on TV and have never excelled at public speaking. On the other hand, i've never had the opportunity to speak publically about Bekah's murder, the grieving process, the court ordeal, etc., etc. I mean i do through my blog , but this is a whole different venue where i have a face a body and a voice that makes noise not letters. so i think i won't panic and be a total idiot. it's important.

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