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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
High Water

Here, George quotes a comment from another weblog. For me, it illustrates a kind of excruciating reality: to others in the world, what my country [the administration] is doing is what I am doing. And of course why wouldn't others in the world believe that?! I doubt THEIR mainstream media is any less controlled than ours, particularly when it comes to the news they get about "everyday" americans.

And this lovely quote: "There's only one nation over this blue ball: humanity, and it's not only US. Accept our differences. Give everybody a chance. Don't take yourself so seriously. Low your expectations on life. Think. Relax. Life is too short."

I am really happy for weblogs! because with weblogs, i can go find that post, hopefully find the blog of the person George quoted today, go there and say, hi! I'm American and I AGREE WITH YOU.

[in tears]PEACE.

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