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Sunday, March 23, 2003
The Dog and Pony Show

CHECK the march 22 entry - interesting statistic.

and the oscars went on. i had to watch it because "in my mind i can't study war no more."

which is to say all the war news i am getting is coming from the radio, or word of mouth, or minutes spent in somebody else's living room. i don't read it and i don't watch it. though it is on my mind - more or less constantly, along with bekah, who is on my mind, maybe we're down to 22/7, maybe hovering at 23/7, which is still quite a jump from 24/7, and andy, who is 19 years old and scheduled to graduate from boot camp in less than one month, and their other brothers john and rory, and denise, my daughter-in-law, and my grandbabies micah and tyler...

other topics pass through. i have pastimes and i have friends. these do go on. but the war does too, and though in my mind i can't study it, neither can i forget that it does go on or that it should NOT go on.

hurray to the dude - michael moore, i believe is his name - winner of an oscar for something to do with documentaries, or one documentary - who stood up along with his fellow nominees and said shame on you mr. bush! shame on you you unelected asshole of a so-called president who does not give one rat's ass about the children you are killing or the children you are sending over to kill and be killed by someone's children.

i'm paraphrasing - embellishing - taking some artistic license! [hehe] - so? i probably just said what he was thinking...? no, maybe he said exactly what he wanted to say. one thing he said related to the fact that he and his colleagues like movies based on fact...and i cannot put quotes around any of this, because i'm writing from memory and cannot recall his precise words...and that we are living "in fictitious times."

i'm pretty sure that quote is verbatim. a president not elected waging a war for a made-up reason. i agree...amen, amen


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