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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
written in November 2001 after my daughter was murdered on july 19 of that year, is on my mind today i can't say just why.

Where Are You

Where are you Bekah-la I miss you so
My lament has not begun to change
Why my girl I cry still
I woke up again today, to hear the news that makes
My being attempt to abandon its only place

Take me to a different place. Leave me alone right here?
Is she? Does she? Will she?
I've nothing better to do than wait.
Drive me to the patch of grass that covers her
Is she? Do you think?
Bekah do you think?

You give me poems; you give me many pages
I would rather have you
Would rather drink the sight of you
Than cover another mile of freshly lined
Inviting paper with words of you

Or any word. Every word today contains
The same information.

wearing her bandanna on my wrist, i visit the shrine where bekah died three days earlier after she was hit by the car in front of the tree, dragged by the car about a hundred yards down the road, then dumped in the median while the driver of the car drove home and went to sleep.

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