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Thursday, February 27, 2003
JuxtaFeelin - free association for everyone!
juxta, juxta, juxta. i do enjoy your writing. this is not the first time you inspired me to go dust off an oldie. i wrote "deargod" in about five minutes almost thirty years ago. and now thanks to juxta, or blame it on juxta! :) - i'm pasting the old bugger to my blog.


From the rhymes that have no minds inherent
and no coherence or sobriety
free me!
bless me, o whatever you are,
fate, my mate, whom I love and hate,
get me out of these messes with your blesses
and I will be complete
for sure, it will be no mean feat,
to kick my mind in the seat
and show me complete, replete
with a whole new heart
apart from the past
that cannot, must not last.
eh, master?
Can’t you do it any faster?
control my soul to its limits and free it to freedom’s greatest height,
no five foot three (that’s me) but eternity to infinity free,
please, god, i’m on my knees
basking in the lonelies and the heebee jeebies...
mister, please
oh destiny
free me to love only you and if you love me too
you’ll make my life long you’ll make me be strong
you’ll carry me along
rather easily...
free me, destiny,
master of my fate, my mate throughout life,
i will be a perfect wife if you’ll only, only
let me be me,
and faster and faster speed me through space
til I glimpse your face and then,
kind sir,
I will be yours

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