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Friday, June 28, 2002

She laughs, laughs
opportunistically, with a sound
that was not known
Before her.
She romances laughter and
thrives on each guffaw,
A woman need never
Be bored.

Bekah's Life

i feel like the other side of the coin, the life part of her story,
should be told. her spirit demands it. Because Bekah, Bekah
was beautiful. Bekah graced and gifted my life. My blessing
on July 6, 1980 stretches beyond the night she died. Her
gifts continue, her love is real and i feel it.

but it is very difficult to focus on that, because i miss her. i am still in mourning, and it is hard to feel celebratory. I'll try.

Start with her laugh...Bekah laughed a lot, a kind of horsey, would you say, squealy, perhaps, breathless, somewhat, oh screw it! Bekah's laugh was unique, absolutely unique. You cannot replicate it let alone describe it. Bekah's laugh was so unique that i sounded her about it at her 21st birthday celebration last july 4th - i remember her face, weakened with laughter.

"I know, but I can't help it," she laughed.

Bekah's laugh was so unique that it was talked about at her funeral by three different speakers.

That's as far as i can go for the moment. Certainly there will be more. Bekah's life was just that: a life. amen

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